Transportation - Design

Transportation PictureThrough our years of experience, USI's engineers have designed a wide array of public and private roadways, providing everything from traffic analysis to environmental documentation. USI's engineers provide full services in the designing of roadways and highways including roadway extensions, widening, resurfacing and creation of new roadways and highways. Included in the design of roadways, our team of experts have designed intersections, turn lanes, storm drainage design, right–of–ways, utility relocations, curbs, gutters, culverts and striping. USI is committed to providing long–term solutions to meet the client’s infrastructure needs.

In addition, USI's experienced transportation engineers can help local transportation agencies develop safe transportation systems. Combining practical experience and knowledge of MUTCD and AASHTO guidelines, our engineers examine existing roadway and traffic conditions and then make sound recommendations to improve the safety and efficiency of pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle operations.

Using the latest software programs — such as the Highway Capacity Software (HCS-3) and the TSIS traffic simulation and analysis software package — we can perform traffic–impact assessments of intersection, interchange and roadway improvements including air and noise analyses.