Wastewater Services

Through the experienced team of engineers at USI, we strive to create cost effective wastewater designs that can be readily constructed with an emphasis on future ease of operation and maintenance. Our staff is experienced in all aspects of wastewater collection, pumping and treatment including planning, design and construction management as well as rehabilitating sanitary sewer systems. We have worked throughout a broad geographic area, with a wide range of federal, state and local regulatory agencies and have worked on projects being funded through the Revolving Loan Fund. The key to USI'S success in wastewater services is advance planning and staying ahead of a contractor's plans and activities. USI plays a key role by sequencing construction to optimize the critical path and reduce construction delays. We monitor work progressBentonville WWTP and costs and regularly report to the client. Our field staff is qualified to inspect construction materials and perform testing as required. We strive to keep the project organized and moving forward in an effective manner to achieve the schedule, cost, serviceability, quality, and safety goals of our clients.

Our Capabilities