Wastewater - Collection & Treatment

Due to increasing awareness of environmental issues, the need for industry or municipalities to provide a high quality of wastewater effluent is of extreme importance. USI engineers have experience in assisting their clients with meeting the effluent limits imposed by local, state and federal regulatory agencies. USI engineers have designed wastewater treatment facilities with capacities ranging from a few thousand gallons per day for packaged–type extended aeration plants, up to peak rates approaching 40 million gallons per day for conventional plants. USI engineers have designed wastewater treatment facilities incorporating unit processes such as grit and scum removal, trickling filters, extended aeration, nitrification, denitrification, biological phosphorus removal, sedimentation, chemical precipitation, chlorination, de–chlorination, effluent re-oxygenation and ultraviolet (UV) disinfection. Biosolids treatment and processing include dissolved air flotation, aerobic and anaerobic digesters, gravity thickeners, gravity table thickeners, belt filter presses and gas fired steam heated biosolids drying facilities.

USI engineers have also designed pretreatment systems for industrial clients discharging wastewater effluent with both high soluble BOD and temperature. The control systems provided in ww treatment picturethese wastewater treatment facilities have varied from very simple manual controls to sophisticated Distributive Control System (DCS).