Wastewater - Sanitary Sewer Systems

Sanitary sewer systems are comprised of several key components: manholes, collection laterals, trunk or interceptors, lift stations and force mains. The quality of the design and construction of these key components will determine the success of the project and, ultimately, the satisfaction of the client. A superior design also will result in reduced operation and maintenance costs. USI has extensive experience designing all these key components. We have designed gravity lines from 8–inches to 48–inches in diameter and force mains from very small pipe diameters, e.g., 2 to 3–inches, to as large as twin, 30–inch–diameter pressure pipelines, along with necessary appurtenances. USI's engineers have extensive experience designing small, packaged lift stations, as well as large, reinforced–concrete lift stations. We have designed pump stations that varied in size from a few hundred gallons per minute, to upwards of tens–of–millions of gallons per day. Most have been equipped with SCADA systems for remote monitoring and automatic–transfer switches ww force main picturefor emergency power generators. In some instances, where flows were due to seasonal infiltration and inflow, we designed equalization basins equipped with aeration facilities to mediate the need for high-pumping rates for short durations, and to prevent septic or anaerobic condition from occurring in the basins.